Kick-On For Women

Garden Suburb Football Club is a hub for the Northern NSW Football “Kick-On for Women” program and has been since the beginning.

Kick-On for Women is an introductory program to football designed specifically for women to fit into their busy lives whilst juggling their commitments of family, work and friends.

The idea was born from the demand for mothers, sisters and female spectators wanting to be involved in the sport, however desired a format that welcomed their inexperience, less active lifestyle and limited time availability.

With a commitment of just 45-minutes a week, after general office hours, the program has a strong focus on fun, inclusion and friendship, is run by accredited facilitators and provides participants the opportunity to spend time focusing on their own fitness and well-being in a judgement-free environment. Kick-On for Women aims to encourage women to become active, energised and connected.

For more information about the program, please click here or contact Michelle Forbes at or 02 4941 7200.