The general business of the club is overseen by the Committee who are elected at an Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Some of the tasks the Committee is responsible for include:

    • The operations, administration, and overall rules by which the club is run as well as making decisions that set the direction of the club
    • The appointment of coaches and team managers
    • Coordinating grant applications, fundraising, and seeking sponsorship opportunities
    • Training allocations
    • Grounds & facilities maintenance
    • Processing and approval of registrations, ensuring all players are assigned to the correct team and their profiles are compliant
    • The communication and distribution of information to teams either directly or via team managers
    • All liaising and communicating with Lake Macquarie City Council, Macquarie Football, and Northern NSW Football as well as any other relevant authorities
    • The running of the canteen and clubhouse

There are also a number of administrative and logistical functions such as organising team photographs and presentation days, as well as the purchase and distribution of playing equipment to teams. 

The 2024 AGM will be held at 7pm on Tuesday, 19 March at Cardiff RSL.

As a Community Club, we would like to see as many of our Members present. Please also note that all Committee roles are open for nomination – we’d love to see some new faces taking up roles to support the Club. In the last 12 months, many positions on the Committee remained unfilled and we would like to see this changed for the coming season.

If you are interested in any of the volunteer positions or wish to learn more, please reach out to us by emailing Your involvement can make a significant difference in the lives of our players and the broader Kingfisher community.

For further information on the committee positions, please click here.

To submit your nomination for a role, please complete the Nomination Form. Nominations for election must be signed by two (2) current club members and with the written consent of the nominee. They must be lodged with the Secretary at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting at which the elections are to be held.

The 2023/24 Committee is:

    • President: Leonard Allen
    • Vice President/Gear Steward: Daniel Allen
    • Treasurer: Ryan Ansell
    • Secretary: Lauren Priestley
    • Registrar: Michelle Forbes
    • Fixture Coordinator: Vacant 
    • MiniRoos Coordinator: Vacant 
    • Womens Coordinator: Lauren Priestley
    • Seniors Coordinator: Vacant 
    • Club Coach Coordinator: Vacant 
    • Communications & Sponsorship Coordinator: Vacant 
    • Macquarie Delegate(s): Leonard Allen
    • Canteen Coordinator(s): Vacant 
    • Ground Coordinator: Leonard Allen
    • Voluntary Safety Officer: Andrew Kelly
    • Member Protection Officer: Leonard Allen

Sub Committees

    • Junior Committee (4): 
        • Vacant
        • Vacant
        • Vacant
        • Vacant
    • Fundraising Committee (4): 
        • Vacant
        • Vacant
        • Vacant
        • Vacant
    • Ground Management Committee (4): 
        • Grant McNeill
        • Phil Peattie
        • Leonard Allen
        • Andrew Kelly
        • Vacant
        • Vacant
    • Canteen Committee (6): 
        • Vacant
        • Vacant
        • Vacant
        • Vacant
        • Vacant
        • Vacant

We have a range of roles and opportunities open with the club all of which are essential in working towards building a better club for our members, and the local community. If you have certain skills that may lend to a particular role, please get in touch and email the club.

  • Committee Meetings

The committee meets on the third Tuesday of the month during the season, and as required during pre and post-season. Members of this committee are elected at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in March each year.

Committee Meetings for the reminder of 2024 will be announced at the upcoming AGM, scheduled for 7pm – Tuesday 19 March 2024 at Cardiff RSL.

If you have something you would like the committee to discuss or wish to place an issue on their agenda please send an email to



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