National Club Development Program

To raise the overall standard of club administration and operations at all levels of the game, Football Federation Australia has established the National Club Development Program (NCDP) providing a clear model to develop and maintain a successful football club.

In completing the NCDP, the club was required to provide answers surrounding the following topics:

    • Administration & Governance
    • Female Participation
    • Inclusive Participation
    • Football Experience
    • Facilities
    • Meeting Demand
    • Community Citizenship

Based on our responses, we scored 5 Stars!

There were some questions we could not score the full marks in due to reasons that are outside of our control, but we are working on making them a reality.

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Good Sports

Good Sports is run by the Alcohol and Drug Foundation who is committed to preventing and minimising the harm caused by alcohol and other drugs in Australia.

By reaching a Level 3, we have shown that we:

    •  are embracing the Good Sports Values
    •  provide a positive, heathy and family friendly sporting experience for all
    •  contribute to reducing alcohol and smoking related harm in the community

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Garden Suburb FC